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What is Edison Klub in Csorvás?

The Edison Klub is a children’s workshop established in 1988 in the village of Csorvas in southeasternHungary. The Klub teaches children to use their dreams and imagination to create inventions. Edison Klub is based on flexibility and open-mindedness, so children are not obligated to do anything but aresimply present and given freedom to work on their inventions. Children are free to come and go on their own time, to meet and talk, play board games and work together. Children’s inspirations come from their environment and from solving problems in day-to-day life. In the “European Year of Creativity and Innovation” has been started an inventor-of-the-month competition in our school. Our children entered some of the following inventions in that competition: bag hanger/holder, a machine for de-seeding grapes, electrically-operated scarecrow, a redesigned fire extinguisher bracket, a lawnmower design not to fling stones and many others. Our alumni participate in the Edison Klub programs, returning regularly to give lectures. Some of the lecturers are: Jozsef Mate Murvai software engineer, Laszlo Szabados, Pal-Robotics engineer from Barcelona, Roland Weiczner, MD. The most exciting task for me is running the Edison Klub every day, gaining the children’s trust and understanding their latest ideas. My teaching methodology is guided by the work of Thomas Gordon, a developmental specialist and pioneer in teaching communication skills. The child says what he is thinking and the teacher repeats the child’s statement to the child. Once the child and teacher acknowledge their understanding, the teacher offers minimal oversight of the child’s work, giving the child the feeling of accomplishment. As Erika Landau, Tel-Aviv University’s Director of Young Persons’Institute, is known for saying, it is not the product but the process that is important. Learning thisprocess as children teaches adults to be inventive throughout their lives.